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Innovative material science is at the core of every product engineered at Gore. From our proprietary ePTFE-based materials to our bioabsorbable technology - Gore biomaterials have been at the forefront of general surgery for more than 30 years. We believe "Material Matters" when choosing a medical device, and in producing improvements for patient care.

Products range from ePTFE suture, vessel guard, and patches for hernia repair; as well as bioabsorbable devices for tissue reinforcement and reconstruction, staple line reinforcement, and anal fistula repair.

Interview with Herand Abcarian, MD

Dr. Herand Abcarian, Professor of Surgery Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery at University of Illinois at Chicago, discusses the benefits of using the GORE® BIO-A® Fistula Plug in the treatment of transsphicteric anal fistulas.