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Endovascular relining of peripheral arteries

GORE® VIABAHN® Endoprosthesis

Covered or lined stents originally developed for the treatment of peripheral artery obstructive disease following balloon angioplasty have become a key tool in the clinician’s arsenal for minimally invasive peripheral therapies. Treatments include a wide range of vascular disease and lesions, aneurysms, dissections, failed PTA, stenosis, trauma, occlusions and fistulas.

GORE® VIABAHN® Endoprosthesis, the next generation vascular endoprosthesis, is an easy-to-use device which allows clinicians to reline patients' arteries to improve blood flow. The GORE® VIABAHN® Endoprosthesis deploys from the tip to the hub. The endoprosthesis is a self-expanding, nitinol stent lined with an ultra-thin ePTFE graft, and can be inserted percutaneously through the groin or upper thigh. This delivery method can reduce a patient's hospital stay to as little as one day.