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Biosynthetic Tissue Scaffold Recruits Progenitor Cells in Muscle Tissue Healing Model

Norton LW, PhD., Emmanual J., Zhang J, PhD

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Clinical Performance and Economic Analysis of GORE® BIO-A® Tissue Reinforcement [Special Report]. General Surgery News International Edition 2013;2:2-12.

James J. Chao, MD, FACS; B. Todd Heniford, MD, FACS; Garth Jacobsen, MD, FACS; Brent Matthews, MD, FACS

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Clinical Use of GORE® BIO-A® Tissue Reinforcement in Ventral Hernia Repair Using the Components Separation Technique

Garth R. Jacobsen, MD, Director, UCSD Hernia Center, Director of Clinical Operations, UCSD Center for the Future of Surgery, University of California San Diego; James J. Chao, MD, Associate Clinical Professor Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Plastic Surgery, University of California San Diego

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Absorbable Glycolic Acid/Trimethylene Carbonate Synthetic Mesh Demonstrates Superior In-growth and Collagen Deposition

AY Zemlyak, PD Colavita, VB Tsirline, I Belyansky, S El-Djouzi, HJ Norton, AE Lincourt, BT Heniford

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Quality of Life Improves After Complex Ventral Hernia Repair Using a Bioabsorbable Material: Preliminary Results of a Prospective, Multicenter Study

Michael Rosen, MD; Joel Bauer, MD; Alfredo Carbonell, DO; William Cobb, MD; Brent Matthews, MD; Don Selzer, MD; Matthew Goldblatt, MD; Marco Harmaty, MD; Benjamin Poulose, MD; Camiel Rosman, MD; Bibi Hansson, MD; Garth Jacobsen, MD; James Chao, MD(Complex Open Bioabsorbable Reconstruction of the Abdominal Wall [COBRA] Study Group)

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Use of GORE® BIO-A® Tissue Reinforcement Material to Reinforce the Abdominal Wall After Ostomy Closure

Sushil Pandey, MD, Krishna Ramanujam, MS, Pedram Motamed, Hadi Najafian, DO, and Paravasthu Ramanujam, MDWest Valley Colon and Rectal Surgery Center, Sun City, Arizona

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Novel Application of Bioabsorbable Synthetic Mesh for Abdominal Wall Repair in a Complex Operative Field

Carl A. Weiss III, MD, PhD, FACS, Auburn Community Hospital, Auburn, NY; Guy Voeller MD, FACS, Professor of Surgery, University of Tennessee Health Science Center Memphis TN

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Histologic Analysis of GORE® BIO-A® Tissue Reinforcement 6 Months After Implantation During Laparoscopic Repair of Paraesophageal Hernia (LRPEH)

Jeffrey S. Mandel, MD, FACS, Savannah Surgical Oncology, Savannah, Georgia

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Tissue Reinforcement with GORE® BIO-A® Material in Large Hiatal Hernias: A Prospective Clinical Study

D. Birk, P. Djalali, HJ Klingen, S. Hess, M. v. HeesenSurgical Department, Protestant Hospital Zweibruecken, Germany

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GORE® BIO-A® Tissue Reinforcement for Complicated Pelvic Floor Defects after Abdominoperineal Resection

Mussack, Thomas; Hohenbleicher, Felix; Ozimek, Alexandra; Hallfeldt, Klaus; Ladurner, RolandDepartment of Surgery Innenstadt · Klinikum der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany

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