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Protect the brain from embolic debris during carotid interventions

GORE® Embolic Filter

Carotid artery stenting (CAS) as a viable therapy to treat carotid disease and stroke prevention is growing. One of the limitations of carotid stenting is the risk of liberating embolic particles during the procedure that could cause a stroke or compromise cognitive function. Physicians are looking for better solutions to achieve optimal neuro protection while performing CAS procedures.

The GORE® Embolic Filter features a unique diamond frame that expands the safety of neuro protection during carotid interventions in an easy-to-use solution. The diamond frame provides optimal wall apposition leading to superior filter efficiency, even in tortuous vessels with small landing zones and tight curves. To take full advantage of improved filter efficiency, the filter is designed for enhanced lesion crossability and reliable retrieval. Expand your confidence in treating patients with the GORE® Embolic Filter.

Unique Diamond Frame Design

  • Diamond Frame provides optimal wall apposition leading to superior filter efficiency
  • Circumferential filter attachment minimizes debris from escaping between frame and vessel wall
  • Conformable heparin-coated ePTFE media with unconstrained distal attachment provides large filter capacity while accommodating small landing zones with tight curves
  • Concentric retrieval with stabilizing tethers enables unobstructed capture of filter while minimizing debris loss