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Reducing chronic complications associated with permanent hernia plugs

GORE® BIO-A® Hernia Plug

More than 700,000 inguinal hernia repairs are performed in the United States each year, with many procedures involving inguinal hernia repair using permanent hernia plugs. Despite the relative ease of plug-and-patch open inguinal herniorrhaphy, chronic complications with permanent hernia plugs such as erosion, migration and nerve entrapment can occur.

W. L. Gore & Associates has applied more than 15 years of research in bioabsorbables to develop an effective alternative to permanent hernia plugs - the new GORE® BIO-A® Hernia Plug. Indicated for the reinforcement of soft tissue in the groin, abdominal and umbilical regions, the GORE® BIO-A® Hernia Plug is a porous fibrous structure composed of synthetic copolymer that is bioabsorbed in approximately six months. It is both biocompatible and nonantigenic.

The GORE® BIO-A® Hernia Plug repairs hernia defects by promoting a well-organized tissue response, while markedly reducing chronic complications associated with permanent implants. The unique design of the plug serves as a scaffold to facilitate tissue generation, and is highly adaptable and easily tailored to create an optimal fit for the defect.