GORE® BIO-A® Fistula Plug is a synthetic, bioabsorbable scaffold that optimizes sphincter-preservation and facilitates closure of the anal fistula.

Surgeons trust the GORE® BIO-A® Fistula Plug to reduce the risk of patient incontinence through:

  • Fully Bioabsorbable: Constructed of a proven, synthetic biomaterial that is completely absorbable, replaced by tissue at a 1:1 ratio1, 2
  • Patented Design: Features a bundled tube design that fills the defect and an attached disk to hold the device snugly in place
  • Increases Success: Conforms to the tract to reduce opportunities for plug extrusion through the distal opening—the leading cause of fistula plug failure
  • Minimizes Risk of Incontinence: Avoids the need to divide the sphincter muscles in anal fistula repair procedures

The plug is constructed of synthetic biomaterial that facilitates tissue generation and healing. This device is designed with a non-woven web of polyglycolic acid:trimethylene carbonate (PGA:TMC) fibers that form a 3D matrix of open, highly interconnected pores. Cells migrate into the scaffold and tissue is generated as the body gradually absorbs the material, leaving no permanent remnants in the body. We offer the GORE® BIO-A® Fistula Plug in a single configuration that can be easily customized to conform to most anal fistula shapes and sizes.

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