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Innovative material science is at the core of every product engineered at Gore. From our proprietary ePTFE-based materials to our bioabsorbable technology - Gore biomaterials have been at the forefront of general surgery for more than 30 years. We believe "Material Matters" when choosing a medical device, and in producing improvements for patient care.

Products range from ePTFE suture, vessel guard, and patches for hernia repair; as well as bioabsorbable devices for tissue reinforcement and reconstruction, staple line reinforcement, and anal fistula repair.

Treatment of Anal Fistulas with GORE® BIO-A® Fistula Plug -- Afshin Heydari, MD

A study by Afshin Heydari, MD, (Diseases of the Colon & Rectum 2013;56(6):774-779) shows a healing rate of 69.3% for patients with cryptoglandular anal fistulas. View this video to see his techniques.