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Advancing endovascular therapy to treat thoracic disease

Conformable GORE® TAG® Thoracic Endoprosthesis

Traditional treatment of diseases of the thoracic aorta has involved high-risk surgery resulting in long hospital stays and painful recoveries. For more than a decade, Gore has worked alongside physicians in the evolution of the GORE® TAG® Thoracic Endoprosthesis. Our collaboration has resulted in the distribution of more than 59,000 devices worldwide.

The GORE® TAG® Device has remained the leading option for less invasive treatment of thoracic aneurysms and lesions with a proven safety record, which is supported by more than 15 years of TEVAR experience and clinical data with up to five years of follow-up. The next generation Conformable GORE® TAG® Device was engineered for flexibility and conformability in tortuous anatomy to meet the needs of individual patients.

The device is the only durable ePTFE thoracic endoprosthesis that offers conformability and ease of use, while accommodating tapered anatomy, resisting compression and maintaining patency in small diameter thoracic aortas characteristic of young patients. The Conformable GORE® TAG® Device has an exclusive oversizing window range from 6–33%, allowing physicians to choose the appropriate radial force to create the appropriate radial fit of the device for the patient anatomy and specific etiology.

The device is available in diameters of 21–45 mm, allowing for the treatment of patients with aortic diameters of 16–42 mm. Tapered device configurations are also available. The simple, single-step deployment system provides flexibility for navigating tortuous anatomy. Paired with the GORE® DrySeal Sheath, which optimizes control with minimal blood loss, the Conformable GORE® TAG® Thoracic Endoprosthesis exemplifies Gore’s continued commitment to innovative solutions intended to maximize patient outcomes.

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