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Supply Chain

Protecting Access to Life-Saving Devices

Gore is committed to keeping our supply chain stable, with the goal that your facilities see no disruption in access to the life-saving medical devices you trust us to provide. Our production levels and inventory are in a strong position, and we are confident in our ability to meet our customers’ near-term and future supply demands.

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, we will continue to update this site with resources and information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gore doing to ensure our facility’s medical device supply is not disrupted by the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic is not having a significant impact on Gore’s ability to manufacture devices. We continue to produce and ship to our warehouses and customers.

Where are Gore medical devices manufactured?

More than 95% of Gore Medical Products Division’s manufacturing and final assembly takes place in the United States. The remaining 5% is conducted in Ireland, Netherlands and Sweden.

Do you anticipate any backorders upon the resumption of elective cases?

No, we do not expect elective case resumption to cause any additional back orders. Production levels vary by product line, and we are adjusting our plans to accommodate changing demand.

My inventory of a particular device is low. How do I procure more?

Your first point of contact continues to be your assigned Field Sales Associate. Please contact Gore here if you have an inventory issue that needs additional support so we can discuss your options and solutions that meet your patients’ and physicians’ needs. We are committed to providing you what you need now, and we will work with you on alternative products for any impacted inventory.

How are you minimizing shipping disruptions?

Gore is continuously evaluating the impact on our global operations and we are making adjustments across our supply chains to minimize disruption to our customers. We coordinate with multiple logistics, transportation and freight partners to secure the movement of goods through our global supply chain. To date, we are not experiencing any delay in our ability to supply products to customers, unless there is a specific restriction put in place by local regulators. We have also expanded our shipping channel options should they become necessary.

How is Gore protecting against contamination and infection?

Gore always follows strict sterilization protocols for the manufacture of its medical products, and regularly validates the effectiveness of these sterilization efforts. Product sterilization is the final step after completion of device assembly and packaging, and provides assurance that sterility is maintained until the devices are needed in the hospital. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we have implemented additional precautionary production protocols as another layer of protection for both patients and our Associates. 

Our Associates have been thoroughly trained in contagious disease prevention and maintaining sterility. When we enter any hospitals or medical campuses, we are adhering to facility-level containment policies as well as the guidance offered by the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control. We follow all applicable policies, regulations and local and regional guidance. We are also being mindful of our clients’ supplies of and protocols for personal protective equipment in this time of scarcity. 

Who should I talk to about a contract coming up for renewal?

Questions about your contract can be directed to your Provider Sales partner. 

Who should I talk to about consignment inventory?

Please contact your assigned Gore Field Sales Associate for questions specific to inventory you currently have on consignment. Questions about shifting inventory to consignment can be directed to your Provider Sales partner. 

Additional Resources

To support our customers around the globe, Gore has collated resources that may be helpful to supply chain teams managing the shifting environment through the COVID-19 pandemic.

General Resources

Resources by Region

We're Here to Help

As the pandemic evolves, we will continue to update this web page with the latest information on our responses and resources. 

If you have further questions that cannot be answered by your Field Sales Associate or Provider Sales partner, contact information for COVID-19 specific inquiries can be found here.