Educational Opportunities

Medical Mastery Series

One and a half days of advanced AAA symposium will provide a forum for participants to learn from endovascular experts and other attendees about the treatment of complex AAA cases.

One and a half days advanced thoracic, symposium will provide a, forum for participants to learn, from endovascular experts and, course attendees about the, treatment of complex TAA cases, in challenging anatomies.

This symposium will provide attendees with an opportunity to share dissection treatment considerations and discuss patient selection challenges. Participants will engage with experts on the prevention and management of dissection complications.

This symposium is one and a half days and designed to provide attendees with core knowledge of AAA / TAA treatment options. This is an open forum for exchange of ideas between attendees and faculty.

This one and a half days workshop will provide attendees with peer-to-peer education on the fundamentals of thoracic endografting including disease pathology, treatment options, patient selection criteria and best clinical practices. Participants will gain hands on experience.

An educational opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Gore's core competencies - specifically as it relates to the clinical science and material attributes that impact product performance.