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Proven to be safe, effective, and durable.

An established choice for standard AAA treatment

20-year long-term patient outcome reported by Roberto Silingardi, MD, Vascular Surgeon

65-year-old male diagnosed with an infrarenal aortic aneurysm in 1999.

Use of GORE® EXCLUDER® AAA Endoprosthesis, one of the first implants performed in Europe after the commercialisation of the device.

Value for the patient:
With more than 350,000 patients treated* worldwide, GORE® EXCLUDER® AAA Endoprosthesis has consistently proven to deliver durable value and extremely low reintervention rates.

“This patient is now 85 years old and he comes to the scheduled follow-up visits every year. No complications have been detected during follow-up and he still has an active life. Twenty years ago EVAR was a pioneering procedure and we didn’t know how long these devices would last. Today the durability of EVAR remains a concern. The [GORE® EXCLUDER® AAA Endoprosthesis] demonstrated a great performance in our experience and lifelong lasting results in this patient”.
Roberto Silingardi, MD, Vascular Surgeon

20-year follow-up volume rendering
20-year follow-up axial CT scan

Gore is dedicated to monitoring long-term device performance to improve patient outcomes.

The GORE® EXCLUDER® Device family is the most-studied family of EVAR stent grafts on the market with over 20 years of proven performance.


Patient images courtesy of Roberto Silingardi, MD. Used with permission.

* Based on the number of Trunk-Ipsilateral Legs distributed.

† Based on company-sponsored trials and registries shown on for currently available stent grafts.