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The GORE® CARDIOFORM ASD Occluder's anatomically adaptable waist fills and conforms to each unique defect to close a broader range of ASDs.1


GORE® CARDIOFORM Septal Occluder

Designed to perform with the natural anatomy of the heart, the GORE® CARDIOFORM Septal Occluder is a soft and conformable device for transcatheter closure of ASDs and PFOs up to 17 mm, including challenging defects.

GORE PRECLUDE Pericardial Membrane

GORE® PRECLUDE® Pericardial Membrane

During cardiac reconstructions or repair within the pericardial space, it is important that complications associated with the formation of tissue attachment to the material be minimized to facilitate reoperation.

GORE PROPATEN Vascular Graft Configured for Pediatric Shunt

GORE® PROPATEN® Vascular Graft configured for Pediatric Shunt

The GORE® PROPATEN® Vascular Graft configured for Pediatric Shunt is the graft of choice by surgeons worldwide for palliative pediatric cardiac procedures.

GORE-TEX Suture for Chordae Tendineae

GORE-TEX® Suture for Chordae Tendineae

Repair and replacement of chordae tendineae is a critical, exacting intracardiac procedure. GORE-TEX® Suture has been used successfully in chordae tendineae procedures for more than 20 years.

GORE-TEX Vascular Graft Configured For Pediatric Shunt

GORE-TEX® Vascular Grafts configured for Pediatric Shunt

GORE-TEX® Stretch Vascular Grafts configured for Pediatric Shunt are successful in the palliation of cyanotic congenital heart defects prior to total correction.