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Value Analysis

Cost, Quality and Outcomes, Patient Quality of Life, and Societal Benefits

Healthcare professionals understand that in order to deliver the best patient care possible, they will need to operate beyond the intersection of cost, quality, and outcomes. When choosing products for a hospital system, the focus is changing from “cost of product” to “cost of care.” The cost of care extends well beyond surgery, to include follow-up care, procedures, a return to the patient’s previous activities, and quality of life.

Our analysis of value covers those comprehensive, multi-dimensional factors that we can control, thus providing us with the ability to work with healthcare providers in delivering the greatest impact and value in patient care.

Request a Custom Cost Analysis

In hernia surgery, total cost of care can vary widely if complications occur. To see how the cost of complications can affect your hospital’s bottom line, schedule a brief discussion with your local Gore sales associate for a custom value analysis.


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