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Support and purchasing

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Information about ordering, delivery, returns and distribution


Orders may be placed during normal business hours Monday – Friday by contacting customer service.*

  • U.S. toll free: 800 528 8763
  • Canada toll free: 800 245 3416
  • Direct: 928 864 2927
  • Email:
  • eCommerce - Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • GHX (Global Health Exchange) is our preferred eCommerce partner. Please contact customer service for more information.
  • Supported transaction types:
    • 850 purchase order
    • 855 acknowledgement
    • 810 invoice


Contact your Gore Associate or customer service to obtain product pricing:

Shipping information

  • U.S.: Orders are shipped second day delivery at no additional expense
  • Canada: Orders are shipped for next day delivery at no additional expense
  • Expedited shipping is available upon request and may incur additional charges
  • All products are shipped FOB destination
  • All products are provided sterile unless otherwise noted

Payment terms

  • Standard terms are net 30 days
  • All invoices reflect the price in effect at the time of order fulfillment


All product returns require a return authorization which can be obtained by contacting customer service.

Worldwide distribution

Gore's worldwide organizational structure, coupled with an integrated product distribution network, ensures Gore medical products are available in many countries. Highly trained Gore representatives are located in a majority of regions around the world. Gore also utilizes authorized partners (distributors and agents) in many international markets. These partners have met Gore’s qualifications to distribute Gore medical products. For product availability, pricing and ordering in your country, contact your local Gore Associate or one of the authorized partners. 

Find an authorized partner

* Federal law (U.S.) restricts Gore devices to sale by/on the order of a physician.

GHX is a trademark of Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC.