The GORE® Molding & Occlusion Balloon was designed through clinician collaboration to address the challenge of consistently achieving the best possible EVAR stent graft seal and temporary vessel occlusion.

Known as an aortic stent graft innovator, we are committed to making improvements where we can advance the quality and efficiency of care.

This balloon delivers all the performance you need in one balloon that’s engineered to positively impact clinical outcomes and provide the best possible experience for the physician and the patient.

The GORE® Molding & Occlusion Balloon provides numerous benefits:

  • Optimize seal: Proven radial expansion force across the range of EVAR device sizes (10–37 mm) to seat and seal stent grafts with confidence
  • Minimize risk: Engineered with a 10 Fr low profile to reduce access-related complications
  • Enhance control: Designed for excellent pushability and trackability with uncompromised inflation / deflation time

Catalogue number: MOB37

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GORE® Molding & Occlusion Balloon

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GORE® Molding & Occlusion Balloon