GORE® DUALMESH® Biomaterial is the first dual-surface material that is designed to encourage host tissue ingrowth while minimizing tissue attachment in the reconstruction of certain hernias and soft tissue deficiencies.

GORE® DUALMESH® Biomaterial offers surgeons a variety of features and benefits including:

  • Dual-surface Material: A textured GORE CORDUROY Surface is designed to encourage host tissue incorporation, while the other smooth surface is designed to minimize tissue attachment
  • ePTFE Material: the device remains soft and compliant which is achieved through an assembly of ePTFE with a specified node and fibril structure
  • Strength: Strength is an obvious concern when performing a structural repair such as bridging a fascial defect in ventral hernia repair. Based upon samples tested, GORE® DUALMESH® Biomaterial has more than 2x the strength required, which is above the clinically derived strength requirement of 32 N/cm.1-3
  • Optimized Compatibility: Fully compatible with GORE-TEX® Sutures for optimized soft tissue approximation

GORE® DUALMESH® Biomaterial has been successfully used in a wide range of applications including ventral /incisional hernias, parastomal hernias, diaphragmatic hernias, and chest wall soft tissue deficiencies. The clinical reputation of GORE® DUALMESH® Biomaterial products for the repair and reconstruction of hernias and soft tissue deficiencies is well known, exceeding 450 peer-reviewed scientific articles published since 1996 and more than 20 years of clinical history. When a strong, durable repair is needed, GORE® DUALMESH® Biomaterial has the proven performance.

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