GORE® VIABAHN® VBX Balloon Expandable Endoprosthesis (VBX Stent Graft) offers precise delivery and positive outcomes in complex aortoiliac applications.*,1

    Iliac occlusive disease


    Contralateral access


    Calcified iliac stent delivery

    100% restoration of lumen diameter
    100% maintenance of stent length
    • 100% delivery to target lesion with no device dislodgement5
    • 100% stent retention5
    • 100% deployment at the target site5
    • 234 devices delivered
      • 50% bilateral treatment
      • 42% kissing stents
      • 32% TASC II C & D including occlusions
      • 18% contralateral deliveries
      • Predilatation not required
    100% stent delivery
    96.9% primary patency

    * Delivery and outcomes data derived specifically from iliac occlusive disease clinical studies.

    1. Bismuth J, Gray BH, Holden A, Metzger C, Panneton J; VBX FLEX Study Investigators. Pivotal study of a next-generation balloon-expandable stent-graft for treatment of iliac occlusive disease. Journal of Endovascular Therapy 2017;24(5):629-637.  http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/1526602817720463


    GORE VIABAHN VBX Balloon Expandable Endoprosthesis