The GORE® DrySeal Sheath with Hydrophilic Coating is a revolutionary device that features better control and minimized blood loss when inserting endovascular devices.

The GORE® DrySeal Sheath with hydrophilic coating is engineered to increase sheath lubricity and minimize coating particulation, allowing for easier insertion and removal during endovascular repair procedures. It is comprised of an introducer sheath with a GORE® DrySeal Sheath valve attached, a dilator, and a 2.5 ml valve inflation syringe.

The GORE® DrySeal Sheath valve is unique in that it is pressurized to create a seal, thereby minimizing blood loss while accommodating multiple wires and catheters. No intraprocedural manipulation is necessary to maintain hemostasis.

The device is available in profiles from 12 to 26 Fr in Fr increments, and has a working length of 28 cm.

GORE DrySeal Sheath