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Iliac Branch System

First Complete System*

The GORE® EXCLUDER® Iliac Branch Endoprosthesis is the first complete system* fully designed for the iliac branch, built from the same GORE® EXCLUDER® Device platform you’ve trusted for years.

Complete System*

  • Exclusively designed for use in the iliac arteries
  • Widest internal iliac artery treatment range (6.5–13.5 mm) to treat more patients
  • Time proven design backed by GORE® EXCLUDER® Device data**

Accuracy / Ease of Use

  • Repositionable to precisely position the iliac component
  • Pre-cannulated internal iliac gate
  • Bi-femoral delivery, no brachial access required


  • Low profile (16 Fr) delivery for enhanced vessel access and trackability
  • Proprietary low profile sleeve technology
  • Conformability in tortuous anatomies post deployment

*Gore designed iliac branch and internal iliac components
**Five-year prospective, controlled clinical data (N = 565) and fifteen-year worldwide experience data (159,000 devices distributed)

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