The GORE® DRYSEAL Flex Introducer Sheath with hydrophilic coating, offers enhanced flexibility and kink resistance, providing exceptional access to challenging anatomies during endovascular repair of abdominal aortic (AAA) and thoracic aortic (TAA) aneurysms.

    Deliver with ease: Hydrophilic coating and enhanced flexibility provide exceptional access to challenging anatomies and branch vessels. Minimize blood loss: Exclusive GORE® DRYSEAL Valve enables introduction of multiple devices with proven hemostasis control. Care for more patients: Optimized profile and configurations provide tailored delivery options for a broad range of patient anatomy. Complete confidence:  Engineered for use with our endovascular portfolio.

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INDICATIONS FOR USE IN THE U.S.: The GORE® DRYSEAL Flex Introducer Sheath is intended to be inserted in the vasculature to provide a conduit for the insertion of endovascular devices while minimizing blood loss associated with such insertions. CONTRAINDICATIONS: There are no known contraindications for this device. Refer to Instructions for Use at for a complete description of all applicable indications, warnings, precautions and contraindications for the markets where this product is available. RXOnly


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