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Supply chain and logistics

Improving supply chain means improving lives

“Gore’s commitment begins with innovative products that improve patient outcomes and also extends into functional excellence within the supply chain. We partner with health systems to drive cost out of the system and ensure products are available when needed.”

John W. Kelty
Sales Operations Leader
W. L. Gore & Associates

We are committed to a supply chain experience that can provide you the right product at the right time.  Having the precise product when needed can have an enormous impact on patient outcomes.  Gore carefully manages its manufacturing and supply chain process so we can help alleviate disruptions so you can focus on improving patient care.

Order management

Order management is critical to healthcare operations and we are continually advancing our capabilities to ensure the right product is in the hands of your clinicians.

To help expedite product orders, Gore offers an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) business solution that can help increase order efficiencies by providing visibility to order status and has the capability to process orders within 30-60 minutes upon receipt.  It also provides potential benefits of avoiding costs associated with manual order related errors, reducing overhead labor costs and lower inventory associated with carrying unnecessarily higher than needed stock levels.  

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  • eCommerce (EDI) 
  • GHX (Global Health Exchange) is our preferred eCommerce partner. Please contact customer service for more information.
  • supported transaction types:
    • 850 purchase order
    • 855 acknowledgement
    • 810 invoice
  • U.S. toll free: 800 528 8763
  • Canada toll free: 800 245 3416
  • Direct: 928 864 2927
  • For any inquiries or for help answering any questions, please contact [email protected]


Orders may be placed during normal business hours Monday through Friday by contacting customer service.

Best-in-Class Ordering icon

Gore is focused on helping you achieve best-in-class ordering.  We can help you measure performance against value improvement initiatives by providing a customized scorecard to help track and trend EDI performance, the percentage  of “touchless orders” submitted each month and a cost per order summary demonstrating impact from utilizing EDI.

These summary reports can help identify potential areas of improvement and then demonstrate that progress over time. Partner with Gore and prepare to see a visible difference.

GS1 Logo

Gore is proud to be an active member of the National Transformation Task force of the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world – the GS1 Healthcare Standard. We believe that these standards within the medical device industry are an important part of the improvements being made within the healthcare system. The GS1 Healthcare Standard offers a solution that can resolve confusion by allowing automatic identification, traceability and data synchronization of medical devices throughout the entire global supply chain.

Supply Reliability icon

Having our medical device products available when you need them can be critical.  We understand the importance of product supply reliability and have business continuity plans for the manufacturing and delivery of our products to ensure they are available when needed for patients throughout the world.

  • Gore medical products are manufactured in our own facilities and those of trusted partners located around the world. This ensures the shortest possible distance to get products into your clinicians’ hands.
  • We are focused on fulfillment rates to ensure you get the products you need, eliminating supply chain disruptions