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Supply chain and logistics

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Providing supply chain reliability

We are committed to a supply chain experience that can provide you the right product at the right time. Having the precise product when needed can have an enormous impact on patient outcomes. Gore carefully manages its manufacturing and supply chain process so we can help alleviate disruptions so you can focus on improving patient care.

"At Gore, we manufacture 98%* of our medical products in the U.S. This helps us better control each aspect of our manufacturing process."

We understand the importance of product supply reliability and have business continuity plans for the manufacturing and delivery of our products to ensure they are available when needed for patients throughout the world.

  • Gore medical products are manufactured in our own facilities and those of trusted partners located around the world. This ensures the shortest possible lead time to ensure you get the products you need, eliminating supply chain disruptions.
  • 98% of Gore medical products are made in the U.S.*
  • Gore products adhere to our standards of high quality and product integrity.
  • Excellent safety record.
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The Medical Products Division uses “make to stock” business models where demand planning is based on past performance and future sales forecasts.

Gore’s commitment to customers is same day order fulfillment. All orders placed before 5 p.m. Arizona time are sent immediately to a third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse for fulfillment.

Orders are shipped directly from 3PL to the customer with the standard customer lead-time to get a new product is 2 days. Gore provides second day shipping service at no charge to customers.

More than 98% of Gore medical products and its components are manufactured and assembled in the United States.

Manufacturing plants reside in Flagstaff, Arizona; Phoenix, Arizona; Sunnyvale, California; and Elkton, Maryland. All Gore medical products are sterilized in Arizona, California, Maryland, New York and Utah.

Gore utilizes a 3PL provider to warehouse and ship finished good inventory from Memphis, Tennessee.

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* With U.S. and foreign components.