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Iliac Branch System

First Complete System*

The GORE® EXCLUDER® Iliac Branch Endoprosthesis is the first complete system* fully designed for the iliac branch, built from the same GORE® EXCLUDER® Device platform you’ve trusted for years.

  • Designed exclusively for use in the iliac arteries
  • Internal iliac artery treatment range of 6.5–13.5 mm
  • External iliac artery treatment diameter range of 6.5–25 mm

Accuracy / Ease of Use

  • Two-staged repositionable deployment for precise placement of the iliac component
  • Pre-cannulated internal iliac gate and bi-femoral delivery for ease-of-use


  • Low profile (16 Fr) delivery for enhanced vessel access and trackability

5-Year Data 

U.S. IDE Clinical Trial has 5-year follow up data.

5 year data infographic

* Gore designed iliac branch and internal components.
† 63 subjects with device implanted in initial cohort. 36 patient have completed 5-year follow up.
‡ On the side treated with the IBE.
Core Lab reported assessment for patency, endoleak, migration and CIAA enlargement. Denominator is number of subjects evaluated for primary effectiveness endpoint result with an evaluable result.

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