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Accessories for GORE® EXCLUDER® AAA Endoprosthesis

The Next Generation in Aortic Accessories

Each product in the aortic accessory portfolio plays a key role in supporting our best-in-class EVAR and TEVAR devices in promoting positive outcomes.

GORE DrySeal Sheath

GORE® DrySeal Sheath

    Minimizes blood loss through an innovative pressurized hemostatic valve Accommodates multiple wires and catheters simultaneously through the valve with minimal blood loss Facilitates hemostasis without intraprocedural manipulation of the valve
Gore Tri-Lobe Balloon Catheter

GORE® Tri-Lobe Balloon Catheter

    Unique design allows continuous blood flow around the lobes while inflated Decreased hemodynamic pressure on the inflated balloons with approximately 80% of flow for distal perfusion Minimizes potential for endoprosthesis movement and blood pressure spikes during balloon inflation due to significantly reduced hemodynamic pressures