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Protects against bleeding

Randomized prospective data has shown that the GORE® SEAMGUARD® Reinforcement significantly reduces bleeding.1-2

The GORE® SEAMGUARD® Reinforcement provides a matrix that blood can infiltrate. Platelets within the patient's blood stick together and create a clot to decrease bleeding.  

Process to reduce bleeding

Reduces overall bleeding complications

Randomized prospective clinical data.

Decreased blood loss



No reinforcement = 54% more bleeding on average

100% of expert panelists agree that:

"Staple line reinforcement will reduce bleeding along staple line"3

  1. Miller KA, Pump A. Use of bioabsorbable staple reinforcement material in gastric bypass: a prospective randomized clinical trial. Surgery for Obesity & Related Diseases 2007;3(4):417-422.
  2. Nguyen NT, Longoria M, Welbourne S, Sabio A, Wilson SE. Glycolide copolymer staple-line reinforcement reduces staple site bleeding during laparoscopic gastric bypass. A prospective randomized trial. Archives of Surgery 2005;140(8):773-778
  3. Rosenthal RJ. International Sleeve Gastrectomy Expert Panel Consensus Statement. Best practice guidelines based on experience of over 12,000 cases. Surgery for Obesity & Related Diseases 2012;8(1):8-19.

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