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Protects against leaks

The only* staple line reinforcement proven to significantly reduce leaks in sleeve gastrectomy procedures.1

Strengthens staples lines

Thin uniform material is designed to mechanically increase the strength of the staple line by evenly distributing staple pressure over a wider surface area—the same way a washer increases the strength of a nut and bolt assembly.2

Reinforced and unreinforced staple lines
Pressure = Force over Area



A comparison of leak rate percentages among five staple line reinforcement (SLR) types:

Comparison of leak rate percentages among 5 SLR types
148 papers included in systematic analysis

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* Considering all systematic review and meta-analysis of published articles only that distinguish between types of staple line reinforcement.

  1. Gagner M, Kemmeter P. Comparison of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy leak rates in five staple-line reinforcement options: a systematic review. Surgical Endoscopy 2020;34(1):396-407.
  2. McCrea C. GORE® SEAMGUARD® Reinforcement Product Family: Relationship between Design Inputs and “Engineered to reduce the incidence of perioperative leaks and bleeding” Marketing Statement. Flagstaff, AZ; 2015. [Work plan]. WP107241

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