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Deeply committed to aortic treatment

In the constant pursuit to improve outcomes, we join in service with physicians to engineer powerful products and form empowering partnerships. 

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Solving unmet needs through innovation

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Addressing unmet needs in EVAR


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The only AAA device that is infrarenal by design, intended to help mitigate the risks associated with suprarenal fixation devices.

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“Stent grafts with active fixation below the renal arteries as well as oversizing by less than 10% seem to have the least effect on aortic neck degeneration over time…”

Impact to TEVAR approach

Evolving TEVAR:
Vascular Surgeon shares his experience with TEVAR device

Preservation Matters ALWAYS

Preservation matters: Introduced the first and only FDA approved iliac branch solution


Why and when to preserve

The continual pursuit to improve outcomes

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Continued Aortic Innovation


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We have multiple clinical and investigational trials in process, supporting a robust aortic pipeline.

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Thoracoabdominal Breakthrough Device designation


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Thoracic branch


Our commitment goes beyond products to build partnerships that empower

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Our commitment to lifelong innovation 

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  1. Kay B.  Active stent-graft fixation below the renal arteries may have the least effect on aortic neck degeneration, study finds.  Vascular Specialist -Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) website.  Posted November 17, 2020.  Accessed December 2, 2020.

* Three year follow-up of U.S. IDE Clinical Trial for all patients from primary enrollment (n = 63)