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GORE® CARDIOFORM Septal Occluder for PFO Closure


American Academy of Neurology Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) and Secondary Stroke Prevention Practice Advisory Update

AAN PFO Secondary Stroke Prevention Cover

Practice advisory educational materials

The PFO and Secondary Stroke Prevention materials are based on the latest guidelines from the American Academy of Neurology. They contain practice recommendations for patients with stroke and patent foramen ovale (PFO) and include information pertaining to PFO closure considerations, PFO screening, patient selection and medical management.

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PFO Closure Therapy

PFO therapy presentation

Utilize this presentation to present on PFO closure efficacy and safety, the procedure and patient selection.


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PFO closure meta-analysis

See the data from a meta-analysis of five randomized controlled trials (RCTs) comparing PFO closure plus medical management to medical management alone.


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PFO therapy brochure

Get informed on PFO closure efficacy, safety, the procedure and how to select appropriate patients for the procedure.


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Anticoagulation: Better treatment option than PFO closure or antiplatelet?

A review of the clinical evidence of anticoagulation in comparison to PFO closure and antiplatelet therapy to reduce recurrent stroke risk in cryptogenic stroke patients.


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Gore REDUCE Clinical Study

Gore REDUCE Clinical Study sub-analysis summary

Learn about the types and severity of recurrent strokes in the Gore REDUCE Clinical Study arms as published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology.


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New England Journal of Medicine article

Read three postitive PFO studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine.


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Gore REDUCE Clinical Study results

Learn about the efficacy and safety of PFO closure to reduce recurrent stroke.


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Patient Selection

The case for PFO closure: Preventing recurrent stroke in cryptogenic stroke patients

Understanding the right patient for PFO closure.


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PFO closure patient selection educational guide

Learn about a three-step process for evaluation of stroke to help identify patients most likely to benefit from PFO closure.


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Is your stroke patient a candidate for PFO closure?

Learn key points to consider when evaluating cryptogenic stroke patients and how to utilize the RoPE score to determine if PFO closure should be considered.


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Patient selection: RoPE score for PFO closure patient selection

Learn how to use the RoPE Score to determine PFO attributable risk.


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PFO closure patient selection: Should PFO size influence your patient management decision?

A clinical evidence review of PFO size/morphology in the reduction in recurrent stroke.


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PFO panel discussion: AFIB and cardiac monitoring

A panel discussion: Are there biomarkers of occult AFIB? Is Apple Watch the future for cardiac monitoring? AFIB and ESUS - do you close?


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Do PFO characteristics determine recurrent stroke risk?

Learn about the evidence available on the effects of PFO size/morphology in the reduction in recurrent stroke.


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PFO and stroke workup: Steps to determine etiology of ischemic stroke

Learn about a three-step process for evaluation of stroke – tissue, vessel and embolic.


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Case study: To close or not to close? 52-year-old female

See what factors were considered to determine if a patient was right for PFO closure.


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PFO detection: What's the gold standard - TCD, TTE or TEE?

A review and comparison of the different methods used to detect a PFO.


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Case study: To close or not to close? 70-year-old male

See what factors were considered to determine if patient was right for PFO closure.


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Talking to Your Patients

PFO and stroke patient education video

Use this video to show your patients how a blood clot can pass through a PFO and potentially cause a stroke.


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Talking to your patient about PFO and stroke

Clarify how a PFO can contribute to a stroke and what your patient can expect with PFO closure.


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