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Physicians working together with Gore for quality outcomes

Gore Grants Program

Education and research support for quality outcomes

The following are not eligible for the Gore grants program, but may be supported through alternative channels.  Related requests should be addressed to the applicable contact as follows:

  • MPD Product Donation for Humanitarian Efforts / Mission Trips (outside the United States).
    • Gore will consider donation requests for products within the Peripheral Vascular and General Medical Products businesses only. Due to product stewardship constraints, we will NOT consider requests for products within our Peripheral Interventional, Endovascular, or Structural Heart businesses that incorporate catheter-based technologies.
    • Any request must be received eight weeks prior to the needed shipment date to allow sufficient time for internal review.
    • No more than two requests per organization will be considered during any twelve month period.
    • The number of charitable donation requests Gore receives may exceed the amount of inventory available for donation; therefore not all requests can be fulfilled/granted.
    • At this time, Gore does not have an indigent patient program in the United States.
    Contact Monique Mando-Morris, MPD Product Donation Coordinator at, for more information on the submission process.
  • Requests for publication support as part of a Gore Clinical Study.
  • Requests solely related to purchase of booth, exhibit, or advertising space.
    • Please contact, +1 (928) 864-2344
    • If a request combines booth, exhibit, or advertising space expenses AND grant support for the program, submit a Grant Program Application and indicate the amount allocated to each.