The GORE-TEX® Cardiovascular Patch is a durable, easy to handle, synthetic patch designed for optimal tissue ingrowth while minimizing aneurysmal dilation in a wide variety of cardiovascular applications including cardiac, great vessel, and peripheral vascular reconstructions.

For more than 35 years, surgeons have relied on GORE-TEX® Cardiovascular Patch for its unique features and benefits including:

    Advanced microstructure: Constructed from multidirectional strength ePTFE, the patch is designed to resist aneurysmal dilation and optimize tissue ingrowth Ease of Handling:  Requires no rinsing out of the package, can easily be trimmed to the desired size, and conforms to cardiovascular anatomy Extensive Configurations: Available in a wide variety of sizes to best suit cardiovascular reconstructions and thicknesses for optimal tissue approximation

We are proud that this product has more than 35 years of proven clinical safety and efficacy, with more than 600,000 GORE-TEX® Cardiovascular Patches sold worldwide. For additional cardiovascular patching applications we also offer the GORE® ACUSEAL Cardiovascular Patch.

GORE-TEX Cardiovascular Patch