GORE® Hybrid Vascular Graft is a vascular prosthesis that provides a streamlined solution for challenging dialysis access, aortic debranching, and arterial bypass procedures.

GORE® Hybrid Vascular Graft offers surgeons an efficient solution through:

  • Endoluminal Anastomosis: A polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) construction with a nitinol-reinforced section for easy deployment and expanded treatment options
  • Proven Thromboresistant Surface: CBAS Heparin Surface offers lasting thromboresistance 1, 2

Compared to conventional end-to-end anastomosis, the GORE® Hybrid Vascular Graft provides a sutureless endoluminal anastomosis.3 Designed to reduce intimal hyperplasia4 and improve outflow hemodynamics, the blood flow is in line with the host vessel. The nitinol-reinforced section effectively shields the vessel lumen area most susceptible for injury and failure. We also include low permeability film on this vascular graft to provide a barrier to ultrafiltration.

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  3. Two stay sutures located through the nitinol-reinforced section and the vessel wall are required per IFU.
  4. Data on file.
GORE Hybrid Vascular Graft

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GORE Hybrid Vascular Graft

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GORE Hybrid Vascular Graft