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Frequently Asked Questions about GORE® INTERING® Vascular Graft

Can you cross-clamp the graft?

As with all ePTFE grafts, care should be taken to avoid mechanical damage to or disruption of the graft. Use the appropriate atraumatic or guarded (for example, rubber shod) clamps. Avoid repeated, localized clamping or excessive clamping on any section of the graft.

Can you incorporate the densified ePTFE support sections (the 'rings') in an anastomosis of the GORE® INTERING® Vascular Graft?

Yes, the densified ePTFE supports are designed such that suture can be passed through them. These densified ePTFE sections at the anastomosis can assist in maximizing the anastomotic opening.

Does the GORE® INTERING® Vascular Graft radial support compromise ingrowth and tissue attachment?

We have data showing that tissue ingrowth still occurs through the radial support. In contrast, no ingrowth occurs through the full density PTFE or FEP material used for rings or spiral support on other grafts.

Have you ever had a confirmed allergic reaction to ePTFE?

We have never had a confirmed allergic response to ePTFE. PTFE is the most inert substance known and is very biocompatible.

Is there a profile on the lumen due to the radial support of the GORE® INTERING® Vascular Graft?

No, it is smooth.

Is there any latex in the GORE-TEX® Vascular Graft?


What is the compression resistance of the GORE® INTERING® Vascular Graft?

The compression resistance of the Thin-Walled GORE® INTERING® Vascular Graft is approximately 400-450% that of a 6 mm Thin-Walled GORE-TEX® ePTFE Graft. However, it is approximately 53% that of a SRRT graft of the same configuration.

Why do certain surgeons report a better patency rate with the GORE-TEX® Stretch Vascular Graft?

Though we did not create the Stretch graft with improving patency in mind, some surgeons have reported greatly improved patency rates. We do not have an explanation for this occurrence. Dr. Tordoir of the Netherlands reports in his publication that perhaps the reason for less thrombosis and stenosis with the Stretch graft is the "lengthwise compliance of the prosthesis that may offer a better matching of the mechanical properties between the graft and native vessels."

Will there be increased suture hole bleeding from the integrated rings of the GORE® INTERING® Vascular Graft?

Our experience shows no difference.