The GORE® INTERING® Vascular Graft is designed for surgical bypass or vascular access with a reduction in trauma and complications associated with external reinforcement.

The GORE® INTERING® Vascular Graft combines advantages of ringed and non-ringed grafts for use in delicate vascular procedures through:

  • Unibody construction: Made of reinforced ePTFE for a smooth, luminal surface that is soft and yet exceptionally strong
  • Low profile: The lowest profile of any radially supported graft for vascular access, offering a 24% profile reduction compared to externally ringed grafts, while maintaining the same luminal diameter
  • Longitudinal extensibility: Allows cutting or suturing at any point and features the same extensibility inherent in all GORE-TEX® Stretch Vascular Grafts
  • Reduced complications: Easily conforms to the native vessel and simplifies tunneling while resisting kinking and compression that can lead to post-surgery complications

The GORE® INTERING® Vascular Graft allows surgeons to repair vessels while minimizing trauma to tissue and other potential complications of externally supported vascular grafts. This device is suitable for a variety of surgeries, which include: lower limb bypass (above- or below-the-knee reconstructions), extra-anatomic procedures and vascular access grafts. The GORE® INTERING® Vascular Graft is ideally paired with GORE-TEX® Suture.

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