The GORE® TIGRIS® Vascular Stent delivers the ideal combination for high-flexion performance in the proximal popliteal.

  • Conformability that retains the natural shape of the vessel, allowing axial compression while resisting stent elongation
  • Flexibility that enables movement in high-flexion anatomy, allowing natural vessel movement
  • Long-term fracture resistance with zero reported stent frame fractures at
    36 months1
93% primary patency at 12 months
95% freedom from TLR at 12 months
100% secondary patency at 12 months


GORE® TIGRIS® Vascular Stent: Advanced technology engineered for lasting performance.

Giving you the confidence that you are delivering the most durable treatment options to your patients.

  • Clinically established helically-wound nitinol frame, leverages the stent technology of the GORE® VIABAHN® Endoprosthesis, provides luminal radial strength
  • Fluoropolymer interconnecting structure enables performance in high-flexion anatomies
  • CBAS Heparin Surface, also featured in the GORE® PROPATEN® Vascular Graft, is the proven, lasting heparin technology designed to resist thrombus formation*

High-flexion conformability: Optimal combination of straightening force and elongation, allowing the artery to bend and move naturally.3

chart showing incidence of fracture rate

Long-term fracture resistance: Zero reported stent frame fractures at 12, 24, and 36 months.4

less than 0.1% average elongation

Accuracy with minimal elongation: Average elongation < 0.1% in a U.S. Clinical Study.5

precision delivery

On target, every time: Single-handed, precise delivery — 100% of stents deployed within the nominal length.1

impact of CBAS Heparin surface

Proven lasting thromboresistance: Improved surface hemocompatibility resulting from heparin availability and bioactivity.*

* CBAS Heparin Surface. W. L. Gore & Associates web site. Accessed July 30, 2018.

** Tested as IDEV® SUPERA® Stent

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GORE TIGRIS Vascular Stent