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Catalogue Numbers for GORE-TEX® Stretch Graft – Standard-walled Bifurcated

GORE-TEX® Stretch Vascular Graft - Standard-walled Bifurcated
Catalogue Number Internal Diameter (mm) Standard Length (cm)
SB1401 or SB1401D 14 x 7 40
SB1601 or SB1601D 16 x 8 40
SB1801 or SB1801D 18 x 9 40
SB2001 or SB2001D 20 x 10 40
SB2201 or SB2201D 22 x 11 40
SB2401 or SB2401D 24 x 12 40



Devices with SBxxxx and SBxxxxD catalogue numbers are functionally identical.
'D' suffix denotes European manufactured devices.

Sizing, availability and pricing varies by country.
Please check with your Gore representative for availability.