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Product value summaries

Helping you redefine value-based healthcare

Transitioning to value-based care and reimbursement is one of healthcare’s greatest challenges.  At Gore, we believe it requires working in partnership with you to strategize and provide innovative solutions that can help control escalating healthcare costs. We put the patient at the center of everything we do and focus on innovative solutions that can deliver long-term value.

Demonstrating clinical and economic value 

Gore invests in developing the real-world data that guides optimal device selection. We are dedicated to a continual focus on innovation that leads to enhanced value. See how our products may demonstrate clinical performance and cost savings that represent the quantifiable value they could provide for your medical facility.

Your goals are our focus

We partner with you to help enhance patient care and achieve the quadruple aim to support your goals of reducing costs, improving outcomes and maintaining staff and patient satisfaction.  We do this by offering clinical case support, educational training and business solutions that provide clinical and economic value.
For us, it all centers around the patient, and our Associates are focused specifically on your unique needs.  They are patient focused, not sales driven (non-commissioned), with a clear objective of helping you deliver the best possible patient care.

Take a look at the depth of support we provide: