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For Physicians

Purposeful Physician Support 

Our gratitude goes out to you and to your teams during this time of significant patient need. Gore Medical Products Division is determined to be a valued partner as your responses to the pandemic and adaptations evolve. Patient care and safety are our primary concern, together with you, we will continue providing the world-class clinical support you expect and deserve.

We will continue to update this site with resources and information.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Gore is committed to supporting clinical cases when asked. We stand with you in serving patients with urgent cases.

When safe and within regulations, we are still supporting clinical cases in person. We also remain available by phone, video and other digital tools for virtual consults.

Your Gore Field Sales Associate will continue to be your first point of contact should you need a specific device delivered for an emergent case. If your facility or region has put travel restrictions in place, your field Associate is empowered to work with Gore on alternative delivery options should they become necessary. 

We are being mindful of limited supplies and protocols for personal protective equipment in this time of scarcity. Patient, physician and Associate safety is our first priority. If requested, Gore Associates are able to either provide their own PPE or support cases digitally. 

Gore is closely monitoring society and physician research on recommended approaches for resuming elective cases. As individual facilities reopen to elective procedures, we will continue to adhere to facility-level containment policies as well as the guidance offered by the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control. 

Gore has been continuously producing and shipping a steady supply of devices throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We do not anticipate backorders resulting from the return of elective cases. We are committed to providing you what you need now, and we will work with you on alternative products for any impacted inventory in the future.

Gore is committed to balancing the safety of physicians, patients and Associates. We will weigh the integrity of ongoing clinical trials during COVID-19 with the need to optimize outcomes for patients, both current and future. 

The guidance for each study is determined individually by assessing enrollment, follow-up and documentation relative to patient safety and study integrity. Our clinical study teams are communicating any new guidance with trial sites as needed. If you have further questions about a specific trial, please consult your trial site team. 

Our Associates have been thoroughly trained in contagious disease prevention and maintaining sterility. When we enter any hospitals or medical campuses, we are adhering to facility-level containment policies as well as the guidance offered by the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control. We follow all applicable policies, regulations, and local and regional guidance. We are also being mindful of our clients’ supplies and protocols for personal protective equipment in this time of scarcity.

Gore follows strict sterilization protocols for the manufacture of its medical products, and regularly validates the effectiveness of these sterilization efforts. Product sterilization is the final step after completion of device assembly and packaging, and provides assurance that sterility is maintained until the devices are needed in the hospital. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we have implemented additional precautionary production protocols within manufacturing as another layer of protection for both patients and our Associates. 

More than 95% of Gore Medical Products Division’s manufacturing and final assembly takes place in the United States. The remaining 5% is conducted in Ireland, Netherlands and Sweden.

Doctors using video conferencing

Pandemic and Practice: A Gore Webinar Series for Medical Professionals

Gore Medical Products Division has launched a four-part webinar series, “Pandemic and Practice: A Gore Webinar Series for Medical Professionals.”  Featuring live panel discussions and lessons learned by medical professionals amid the pandemic, each session focuses on key learnings from physicians in the hardest hit COVID-19 communities as they strive to improve care protocols, patient communications and teamwork within medical practices. Darren Schneider, M.D., of New York-Presbyterian moderates.

These sessions will be presented live in April and May, with opportunities for Q&A, and will be recorded for later viewing. Register for any or all of the free webinars, and view recorded sessions, here

Committed to Communicating the Latest Clinical Findings

Gore is committed to communicating approved study results through the pandemic. When virtual conferences are possible, Gore is converting planned presentations to digital formats to ensure continued access to the latest research on Gore devices. We are working directly with medical societies on how to effectively share research findings virtually in lieu of clinical congresses and events. Please see our Education and Events page for details on specific presentations.

We will also be adding resources to our online Medical Mastery Series over the coming weeks.

Additional Resources

To support our customers around the globe, Gore has collated resources that may be helpful to physicians as they adapt to shifting pandemic considerations.

We're Here to Help

As the pandemic evolves, we will continue to update this web page with the latest information on our responses and resources. 

If you have further questions that cannot be answered by your Field Associate, contact information for COVID-19 specific inquiries can be found here.