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Innovation you can rely on

Our healthcare professionals are looking to advance the standard of patient care—and so are we. Our product and service innovations begin where you have unmet needs and end with solutions that transform the lives of your patients.

One-on-one support

We focus relentlessly on the needs of medical professionals, providing support to transform the way you learn and work.

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Remote case support & education

Our Medical Products Division Field Sales Associates are providing remote clinical case support to physicians performing life-saving procedures around the world. Contact us to learn what our support staff can do for you.

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Gore simulation based training

Whether it is reviewing procedural and deployment steps of our minimally invasive devices or practicing suturing for vascular surgical procedures, this virtual and in-person training offers a variety of educational opportunities. As part of this service, we can also build a patient’s CT into the simulator. This gives the physician the ability to practice treating their patient on the simulator before treating their patient in real life.

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Gore endovascular imaging skills workshop

This workshop is for physicians looking to enhance their Endovascular case planning skills, including both basic and advanced TERARECON® INTUITION Software imaging functionality offerings. As a part of this service, we can come to you in person with our training laptops or we can offer a virtual training platform.

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Online training and education

Explore videos, apps and other information to help you and your healthcare team deliver results for your patients, more efficiently and at a lower cost.

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Video training and education to help with a range of patient conditions.

Clinical educational videos

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Augmented reality and other digital resources for patient education and case planning. 

Mobile apps

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Learn about our focus on managing patient care, including improving outcomes, lowering costs and boosting healthcare team satisfaction.

Value-based solutions

Peer-to-peer learning

In these webinars, virtual events and other peer-to-peer resources, physicians from around the world talk about how they are navigating challenging cases as well as today's uncertain medical environment. 

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Our four-part webinar series featuring medical professionals talking about their experiences and lessons they learned during the pandemic.

Pandemic & practice webinar series

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Upcoming events and other featured content focused on sharing diverse perspectives and solving clinical challenges. 

Panel discussions

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See our additional peer-to-peer content on, BroadcastMed, VuMedi, and Vascupedia.

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COVID-19 resources

Information to keep you on top of a changing medical landscape.

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