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Physician Education

Gore Medical Fellows Program: Vascular

Educational resources and events for residents and fellows of all specialties working in the aortic and peripheral disease space

Take a customizable approach to learning during your fellowship to create a curriculum that fits your needs. In-person, virtual or self-guided options meet to create offerings that cover foundation principles and fitness for use of the Gore vascular portfolio.

In-person education:

Courses, events and local educational opportunities to sharpen your clinical skills with hands on training, case planning practice and peer discussions:

  • Hands-on workshops. 
  • Symposiums. 
  • Local education in groups or one-on-one with focused clinical topics based on experience levels.

Click here for more information on our Gore Simulation Training Program.

Virtual education:

Our educational platform has been created to give residents and fellows one- stop access to the people, training and information they need to help improve long-term patient outcomes with Gore's vascular products:

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Engage with peers from across the country in your specialty.


Find on-demand case planning resourcs,videos and other educational materials supporting your practice.

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Connect with Gore Associates and access additional resources to aid in your educational journey.

New levels of control when you need it most.

Register for key events to help with your continued education.

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