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Subpopliteal revascularization. Criteria analysis for the use of E-PTFE (Propaten®) as first choice conduit

Monaca et al. 20131

Vittorio Emanuele Policlinic University Hospital, Presidio Ospedaliero “Ferrarotto”, Catania, Italy

Primary patency of GORE® PROPATEN® Vascular Graft

5 years 52%
9 years 41%

Patient characteristics

Characteristic N %
Rutherford classification  
3 87 41%
4 91 43%
5 34 16%
Hypertension 187 88%
Diabetes 87 41%
Renal failure 38 18%
Proximal anastomosis  
Common femoral artery 212 100%
Distal anastomosis  
BK popliteal 154 73%
TP trunk 58 27%

Study details

  • Retrospective, non-randomized, multi-center analysis
  • Patients were considered at a low risk for thrombosis: exclusion criteria included re-do operations, poor plantar and perimalleolar circulation, severe tissue loss, and single-vessel runoff
  • Secondary patency at 5 and 9 years was 58%, and limb salvage at 5 and 9 years was 93%

…in low thrombotic risk patients mid-and long-term patency of vein and Propaten® graft [GORE® PROPATEN® Vascular Graft] is comparable. In case of PTFE use, we reported shorter surgery time, reduced hospital stay and wound complications. These observations led us to primarily choose the prosthetic graft in that subset of cases, saving the VSG [great saphenous vein] for distal revascularization in case of occlusive disease progression. — V. Monaca

1. Monaca V, Battaglia G, Turiano SA, Tringale R, Catalfamo S.  Subpopliteal revascularization.  Criteria analysis for use of E-PTFE (Propaten®) as first choice conduit.  Italian Journal of Vascular & Endovascular Surgery 2013;20(3):165-169.