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GORE® SYNECOR Biomaterial PTFE Knit provides greater strength for the duration of hernia repair

28-day Strength Charts

28-day Strength Charts featuring GORE® SYNECOR Intraperitoneal Biomaterial

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A Patient's Guide to Hernia Repair

Hernias are highly treatable with surgery and innovative hernia repair products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GORE® SYNECOR Biomaterial

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GSN Special Report on Hernia Repair

Quality of Life in Ventral and Hiatal Hernia Repair: Review of Long-Term Patient Outcomes in Two Large Case Series

PDF, 724.75 KB

Hernia Mesh Product Flyer

A two-sided brochure with photos, key messages and part numbers

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Physician Poster: Long term results of intraperitoneal ventral hernia repair

Physician poster, real-world, retrospective, multicenter study

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Product Launch Press Release

Product Launch Press Release for GORE® SYNECOR Biomaterial

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