25 years isn’t just a milestone. It has included collaboration with many passionate people in the medical community. We look forward to continuing to advance patient care for years to come — because 25 years is only the beginning.*

Looking back at 25 years of looking forward

*First commercial approval, CE Mark in September 1997.

GORE EXCLUDER AAA Endoprosthesis

440,000+ patients treated worldwide

25 years of advancing patient care: One man shares how the continued innovation of the EXCLUDER® Device family made a difference in his life.

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Most studied EVAR device

25 years of supporting post-trial follow-up: Dr. Ross Milner discusses why continued studies are helping advance aortic treatment.

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Over 1,500 peer-reviewed publications

25 years of peer-reviewed publications: how one registry continues to contribute EVAR insights through literature.

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† Based on the number of Trunk-Ipsilateral Legs distributed. 
‡ Based on company-sponsored trials and registries shown on clinicaltrials.gov for currently available stent grafts.


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GORE EXCLUDER AAA Endoprosthesis