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GORE® VIABAHN® Device family

Join the next generation of care in the treatment of aortoiliac occlusive disease

VBX Stent Graft

Proven procedural success and durable outcomes through flexibility, strength and accuracy.

VBX Stent Graft

The Gore VBX FLEX Clinical Study

Prospective, multicenter, single-arm study
134 patients with aortoiliac occlusive disease (32.1% TASC II C and D, 42.5% kissing stent)

Proven procedural success:
100% restoration of lumen diameter (≤ 30% residual stenosis due to high radial strength)1
100% delivery to target lesion1


Durable clinical outcomes2:

One year patency
Three year rfTLR

Additional patient benefits versus baseline2

Three Year Follow-Up
  1. Bismuth J, Gray BH, Holden A, Metzger C, Panneton J; VBX FLEX Study Investigators. Pivotal study of a next-generation balloon-expandable stent-graft for treatment of iliac occlusive disease. Journal of Endovascular Therapy 2017;24(5):629-637.
  2. Panneton JM, Bismuth J, Gray BH, Holden A.  Three-year follow-up of patients with iliac occlusive disease treated with the Viabahn Balloon-Expandable Endoprosthesis. Journal of Endovascular Therapy 2020;27(5):728-736.


Proven patency with unmatched versatility


VIABAHN® Device outcomes in iliac occlusive disease

Prospective, multicenter, single-arm study

53 patients (61 limbs) with iliac artery occlusion or stenosis (mean lesion length: 6.9 cm; 48% of limbs in the external iliac artery)

91% primary patency at one year and 95% secondary patency at one year

*As used by Gore, Heparin Bioactive Surface refers to Gore’s proprietary CBAS Heparin Surface.

  1. Lammer J, Dake MD, Bleyn J, et al.  Peripheral arterial obstruction: prospective study of treatment with a transluminally placed self-expanding stent graft.  Radiology 2000;217(1):95-104.