The lower profile VBX Stent Graft is available only in the United States. 

Designed to expand to every demand, the GORE® VIABAHN® VBX Balloon Expandable Endoprosthesis (VBX Stent Graft) offers proven procedural success and long-term outcomes through flexibility, strength and accuracy to treat aortoiliac occlusive disease.

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Improvements to the device delivery system have enabled a 1 Fr profile reduction on the majority of sizes, now offering the most 6 Fr compatible configurations among balloon expandable stent grafts.1-3

Now 6 Fr compatible
up to 79mm stent length
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Darren Schneider, M.D., Andrew Holden, M.D., Bill Gray, M.D., and Venita Chandra, M.D. discuss benefits of the reduced profile VBX Stent Graft.

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Trusted procedural and clinical performance

100% restoration of lumen diameter
100% maintenance of stent length
  • 100% delivery to target lesion with no device dislodgement5
  • 100% stent retention5
  • 100% deployment at the target site5
  • 234 devices delivered
    • 50% bilateral treatment
    • 42% kissing stents
    • 32% TASC II C & D including occlusions
    • 18% contralateral deliveries
    • Predilatation not required
100% stent delivery
91.2% primary patency

* Across indication inclusivity and configuration breadth/capability of balloon expandable covered stents.

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INDICATIONS FOR USE IN THE U.S.: The GORE® VIABAHN® VBX Balloon Expandable Endoprosthesis is indicated for the treatment of de novo or restenotic lesions found in iliac arteries with reference vessel diameters ranging from 5 mm–13 mm and lesion lengths up to 110 mm, including lesions at the aortic bifurcation. CONTRAINDICATIONS: Do not use the GORE® VIABAHN® VBX Balloon Expandable Endoprosthesis in patients with known hypersensitivity to heparin, including those patients who have had a previous incident of Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT) type II. Refer to Instructions for Use at for a complete description of all applicable indications, warnings, precautions and contraindications for the market where this product is available. RXOnly