Proven across a broad range of complex cases, the versatility of the GORE® VIABAHN® Endoprosthesis with Heparin Bioactive Surface* enables you to deliver high patency and durable outcomes to minimize interventions for your patients.

durable clinical study outcomes in complex cases
proven to significantly reduce reinterventions
high patency even in the most challenging disease
A leader among stent grafts with multiple indications for maximum versatility
unparalleled performance through decades of partnership with clinicians across the globe
over 2300 scientific publications
over 5650 hospitals using GORE VIABAHN Endoprosthesis
Over 1,000,000 implanted in patients worldwide

              Data on file 2020; W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.; Flagstaff, AZ.

Performance evolution through collaboration

The GORE® VIABAHN® Endoprosthesis is a leader among stent grafts. Decades of partnership with clinicians around the globe has resulted in unparalleled performance across multiple indications. The GORE® VIABAHN® Endoprosthesis features:

  • Lengths up to 25 cm
  • Low profile design
  • Multiple FDA approved indications for use
  • Radiopaque markers
  • Proven CBAS Heparin Surface* technology


*  Heparin Bioactive Surface is synonymous with the CBAS Heparin Surface.

†  CBAS Heparin Suface. W. L. Gore & Associates Web site. Accessed July 30, 2018.

GORE VIABAHN Endoprosthesis - Heparin Bioactive Surface