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Accessories for GORE® TAG® Conformable Thoracic Stent Graft with ACTIVE CONTROL System

The next generation in aortic accessories

Each product in the Gore aortic accessory portfolio plays a key role in supporting Gore's best-in-class EVAR and TEVAR devices in promoting positive outcomes.

GORE® DrySeal Flex Introducer Sheath

GORE® DrySeal Flex Introducer Sheath

  • Deliver with ease: Hydrophilic coating and enhanced flexibility provide exceptional access to challenging anatomies and branch vessels
  • Minimize blood loss: Exclusive DrySeal valve enables introduction of multiple devices with proven hemostasis control
  • Care for more patients: Optimized profile and new configurations provide tailored delivery options for a broader range of patient anatomy
  • Complete confidence: Engineered for use with our endovascular portfolio
GORE® Tri-Lobe Balloon Catheter

GORE® Tri-Lobe Balloon Catheter

  • Unique design allows continuous blood flow around the lobes while inflated
  • Decreased hemodynamic pressure on the inflated balloons with approximately 80% of flow for distal perfusion
  • Minimizes potential for endoprosthesis movement and blood pressure spikes during balloon inflation due to significantly reduced hemodynamic pressures