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Your resource for current publications and clinical data demonstrating the utility of the GORE® VIABAHN® VBX Balloon Expandable Endoprosthesis in practice.

Three-Year Follow-up of Patients With Iliac Occlusive Disease Treated With the Viabahn Balloon-Expandable Endoprosthesis

Panneton JM, Bismuth J, Gray BH, Holden A. Three-year follow-up of patients with iliac occlusive disease treated with the Viabahn Balloon-Expandable Endoprosthesis. Journal of Endovascular Therapy. In press.

Pivotal Study of a Next-Generation Balloon-Expandable Stent-Graft for Treatment of Iliac Occlusive Disease

Bismuth J, Gray BH, Holden A, Metzger C, Panneton J; VBX FLEX Study Investigators.  Pivotal study of a next-generation balloon-expandable stent-graft for treatment of iliac occlusive disease.  Journal of Endovascular Therapy 2017;24(5):629-637.

First-in-Human Experience With the Gore Balloon-Expandable Covered Endoprosthesis in Iliac Artery Occlusive Disease

Holden A, Merrilees S, Buckley B, Connor B, Colgan F, Hill A. First-in-human experience with the Gore Balloon-Expandable Covered Endoprosthesis in iliac artery occlusive disease. Journal of Endovascular Therapy 2017;24(1):11-18.